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About Us

The idea of Improvement and Development for Communities Center(IDCO) was born in 2004 when a n independent group o f expert s h a v e decided t o w o r k together t o provide a n integrated solutions , studies and consultancies s o l v i n g challenges facing the Palestinian communities a n d responding t o their needs i n the fields of human a n d natural resources development , capacity building , vocational training , community empowerment and welfare, improving f o o d and agriculture security , health a n d environment conservation , w a t e r management and advocacy. IDCO was established with its mission to stimulate community's improvement and development as one of the most outstanding careers serving generations and their resources. Working on the facts that "practice preceded theory" and "people have the right to participate in decisions that have a n effect upon their w e l l-being " , IDCO has adopted a developmental framework taking into consideration , the variety i n communities , the variety in needs and the variations in circumstances from place to place and time to time Community development practice has t o be dynamic b y necessity and need. I D C O as a n active participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is working to generalize and achieve the principles of this compact through its programs and interventions. .

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