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IDCO involvement with distributing water tanks and food parcels in the Gaza Strip


Improvement and Development for Communities (IDCO) with support and donations from the Brisbane-based Muslim Charitable Foundation (MCF) supplied food aid and water tanks to the vulnerable households in the Gaza Strip.

The water tanks are 500 liters capacity to help serve carrying potable water to 150 marginalized users , on the other hand the food parcels have been delivered to 370      vulnerable households, each parcel contained 19 food items:  2kg Cooking Salt, 3kg Sugar , 2kg Broad Chickpea, 1 Bag Jasmine Rice(5kg/bag), 1kg white Beans, 1kg Durum Wheat Semolina , 1kg Broad Beans, 1kg Yellow Lentil, 1kg Grained Lentils, 2kg Groats, 1kg Crushed Bean, 5 Bags Durum Wheat Pasta (500g/bag), 1 Pocket Ceylon Tea (250g/pocket), 2 Pockets Chicken Stock (432g/pocket), 3 Cans Tomato Paste (580g/can), 1 Bottle Corn Oil (2litters/bottle, 2 Boxes Cheddar Cheese (400g/box), 2 Boxes Halvah (750g/box), 6 Cans Foul Medames (400g/can).

These distributions were conducted just two days prior to the recent Israeli attacks on the Palestinian territory.