Developed and Pioneer Communties

IDCO Projects List...

Safeguarding Food Supply through Boosted Agricultural Inputs and Oriented Services in Gaza Strip project

img Boosting the agricultural productivity and sustain the agricultural community in the Gaza Strip, with particular emphasis on renovating agricultural infrastructure, control trees pests, income and employment and generation and prompting water saving techniques.

MCF Fund

img IDCO accomplished a project of supporting the vulnerable households and needy people in the most affected areas of the Gaza Strip.

GLF Fund

img Preserving Cultural and Historic Resources in the Gaza City "An Educational Program for Young Women on Embroidery Craft".

Gaza Beach Clean up Project

img The event have started on September for one week , we spent an enjoyable days together where it's the first time for most of our team to do like these voluntary works specially on beaches , we whiled away the day joking, kidding and we achieved event activities hopefully to do some thing for our marine asset ..

Protect the Gaza Strip Beaches and preventing its deterioration

img The program have introduced conservation activities to instigate the Gazan citizens to conserve the beaches of Gaza Strip and keeping it as one of the country’s aquatourism areas ..

The Conservation of the Country's Aquatic Ecosystems (Public Awareness Campaign

img The Aquatic systems in the Gaza Strip have been polluted by different effects such as the old sewage networks, the use of cesspits for wastewater disposal or/and through unsafe disposal of solid waste and wastewater directly to the sea ..

H1N1 Public Awareness Campaign

img H1N1public awareness campaign.