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Protect the Gaza Strip Beaches and preventing its deterioration



1-     Brief description of the program :


The program have introduced conservation activities to instigate the Gazan citizens to conserve the beaches of Gaza Strip and keeping it as one of the country’s aquatourism areas   .


Indeed , the program  worked to instigate conservation activities toward keeping the beaches and aquatic resources of the Gaza Strip clean and healthy, and participate in eliminating pollution sources. Furthermore, the program has focused on encouraging the beach users and local community to participate in the activities which include on site meetings and field visits to record the disadvantages spots along the coastline and detect its pollutants , conducting workshops ,              and installing explanatory banners and  distributing awareness materials to support the conservation efforts . through the implementation period ,the program cooperated with the relevant institutions and bodies in the targeted areas.



3- Main Goal and Objectives :


The overall goal of the program is to support and instigate the local conservation efforts toward sustainable use for the coastline and aquatic resources in the Gaza Strip to meet the global environmental advocacy work .



-          To promote the environmental values of Gaza beaches by organizing community activities to achieve this objective.

-          To contribute in conserving the aquatic ecosystems in the Gaza Strip through encouraging the upgrading of new sewerage systems and using it properly.

-          To disseminate the concepts of ground and shallow water protection and wastewater treatment in all life aspect.

-          To record the disadvantages spots along the coastline and detect its pollutants ,