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Gaza Beach Clean up Project



The event have started on September for one week  , we spent an enjoyable days together where it's the first time for most of our team to do like these voluntary works specially on beaches , we whiled away the day joking, kidding and we achieved event activities hopefully to do some thing for our marine asset   .

It was observed clearly through our event on site that the beach of Gaza not of our attention here in the Gaza Strip since long time , a lot of debris are being thrown along the beach without any interesting to eliminate or collect it.

There is no initiating or tending from any body to take the first step toward solving the problem, this can interpret why we have registered a lot of pollution spots along the beach like throwing big quantities of the construction wastes ( bituminous , concrete blocks , ….etc)  in addition to the uncontrolled open channels which pump raw sewage directly to the sea  , So we here in the Gaza Strip looking and ask you to build strong cooperation toward protecting our environment and making our beaches healthy more and more.

Thanks for your help again and please put me in any new..