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GLF Fund


The embroidery craft is an integral part of the Gaza geographical and cultural landscape and considered very important component in Gazan women life,but this art are in danger of disappearing for a lot of reasons, the internal immigration from rural areas where the origins of embroidery to the urban areas and the absence of interesting to keep this art, specially from the new generations where they go toward the modern fashions, as well as the embroidery was a competitive art for Palestinian women but it became less of a concern. Now, however, the traditional art of Palestinian embroidery is receiving new energy and interest from Palestinian women themselves as well as the other society groups, the art actually is undergoing a renaissance in the City of Gaza. The project have worked mainly to empower and promote the art of hand embroidery to be taught to the younger generations and to flourish in our contemporary Gazan society. In deed, the project matched the GLF ambitious priorities towards preserving the cultural and traditional identity of the indigenous groups as well as empowering women engagement in the society , this have been achieved through enabling the women of the Gaza city to conserve and maintain their cultural identity by providing an educational program on producing and marketing various patterns of ancient and noble embroideries, Moreover, the project tasks have included strengthening the Palestinian women to be actively involved in the public life and economically independent and to support their families through the embroidery as one of the most important handcrafts industries in the Palestinian regions the overall goal of the project is to conserve and maintain the cultural identity of the local communities in the City of Gaza and the nearest villages through providing an educational program on embroidery craft for young women .