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Safeguarding Food Supply through Boosted Agricultural Inputs and Oriented Services in Gaza Strip project


In a mutual partnership with the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), a recovery intervention in a developmental manner have been adopted and accomplished in order to boost the agricultural productivity and promoting water saving techniques as well as strengthening the capacity of the vulnerable household women along the hotspot areas of the Gaza strip through implementing the project “Safeguarding Food Supply through Boosted Agricultural Inputs and Oriented Services in the Gaza Strip ” to help vulnerable olive farmers improve their crop production, and provide them with the necessary production inputs as well as enabling them to use the high-efficient water saving techniques and empower the know –how approach and the sensitization services along rural areas in the Gaza strip. Moreover the project has encouraged crops diversification in order to respond better to self and local consumption needs. Furthermore, the project have served alleviating the economic hardship of rural women by promoting the renovation and reinstalling modern irrigation networks for the open field crops owned by women themselves in the affected rural areas of the Gaza Strip.

Project outputs have included:

  1. The project supported 392 female and male households living in the rural areas of North, Gaza and Middle governorates.
  2. Re-installing of modern irrigation networks in the open field crops in order to enable the vulnerable household women to restart the production of 80 damaged Dunums. 80 female-headed benefited from this component (1 Dunum / woman) in order to create permanent income for their families.

  3. Revitalizing the olive production with more than 20% and help enhancing the pest control services by overcoming and controlling snail and pests in 1127 dunums of olive by spraying effective and safe pesticides. 312 farmers benefited from this component .

  4. Sensitization and generalizing environmentally-sound agriculture and the water saving techniques.

  5. Help create 4000 working days for 160 unemployed skilled and unskilled agricultural workers.

  6.  Dissemination of project data and results through local media and online databases.