Developed and Pioneer Communties



Improvment and Development for communties Center (IDCO)

Vision & Mission

I D C O “ Developed and pioneer communities with high capability to invest the human a n d natural resources in order to achieve sustainability”. Working on the vision, IDCO philosophy is adopting a multi- developmental programs aiming at contribute in solving the community 's challenges,especially, the challenges related to community development, sustainability , food security , health , advocacy and environment conservation. I D C O will seek to achieve these programs through the implementation o f consultancies , studies , researches , activities and projects as well as to stimulate positive community's initiatives.The five IDCO’s programs are:
1- Environment & Natural Resources.
2- Capacity Building & Vocational Training.
3- Health & Maternity.
4- Social & Human Development.
5- Agriculture & Food Security.

Main Features of IDCO Goals

a. Contributes in elaborating effective and appropriate strategies and policies in the areas of culture , environment , health a n d disability . Particularly responsive to the needs of most disadvantaged and marginalized community groups in a developmental perspective, through lobbying and disseminating information and issuing bulletins, studies ,flyers, brochures and documentary Audios/Videos.

b. To help the community institutions as well as the decision makers in preparing and adopting all types of studies, researches and consultancies in the fields of human rights development, gendering, culture conservation and institutional networking as well as improving the quality of service and encouraging the use of safe environmental alternatives.

c. Establishing and consolidating of relations and exchange of technical expertise, technologies and scientific researches among all interested individuals and institutions in the fields of culture, youth, health and natural resources at country level and abroad.

d. Build and strengthening the participation of Palestinians in the process of integrated development for communities through involving them in all planning stages and programs related to the organization's scope and objectives.